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Released v1.1.0 of Flutter Package 'lazy_load_indexed_stack'



In personal development, or rather now it feels like it’s become OSS, I am developing a Flutter package called lazy_load_indexed_stack. As the name suggests, it’s a package for lazy loading the child elements of an IndexedStack.

Last year, I received an issue requesting additional functionality, and I thought it was a good feature to support, but I hadn’t had the time to address it. During the end of the year, I was organizing my personal development projects and as part of that, I worked on this.

What’s the Change

I added a property called preloadIndexes, which preloads the child elements of specified indexes.

Here’s an example of its usage:

  index: 0,
  preloadIndexes: const [3, 4],
  children: [
    Item4(), // Preloaded
    Item5(), // Preloaded

During the feature proposal issue, the PreloadPageView package was mentioned as an example.

This package has a property called preloadPagesCount, which specifies the number of elements to preload from the beginning. However, in lazy_load_indexed_stack, the loading isn’t necessarily done in order from the beginning of the pages, so I made it flexible by passing an array of indexes.


Although it’s a package that I haven’t been actively developing, I’m pleased to see that it has unexpectedly garnered over 70 likes on pub.dev and 32 stars on GitHub.

If it meets your requirements, I hope you’ll give it a try. Contributions are also very welcome.

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