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iTerm2 Hotkey is Awesome!


What is iTerm2?

iTerm2 is a terminal application.

While Mac users often stick with the default terminal, iTerm2 offers many more convenient features. If you’re using the standard terminal, I highly recommend trying iTerm2.

Today, I want to introduce the Hotkey feature in iTerm2.

What is a Hotkey?

The Hotkey feature allows you to bring iTerm2 to the foreground or hide it with a simple keystroke, even if you’re working in another application.

iTerm Hotkey Example

How to Set It Up

Open the settings page, navigate to Keys -> Hotkey, and set the key binding from Create a Dedicated Hotkey Window....

I have set mine to command + i.

hotkey settings

Now, you can easily open iTerm2 as shown in the gif above.


iTerm2 has many other useful features besides Hotkey.

I set it up using the following Zenn article as a reference, which I highly recommend checking out:

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