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Summary of Recent Activities Up to TabTabTab Chrome Extension v2.30.0



I’ve been developing a tab management Chrome extension called TabTabTab on my own.

Since the end of July last year, when I summarized releases up to v2.15.3, development has continued, and it has now reached v2.30.0.

Compared to that time, the extension has significantly evolved in terms of features, so I’ve decided to summarize them.

Changes in TabTabTab

Major Features Added

  • Drag & Drop for reordering tabs (from v2.16.0)
    • Not only tabs but also groups can be reordered, and moving between windows is also possible.
  • Elimination of duplicate tabs (from v2.23.0)
    • Previously, duplicate tabs were indicated by a “Duplicate” chip, but clicking it now closes all duplicates except the selected tab.
    • It might seem like a minor feature, but personally, it might be the one I use the most.
  • Save & Restore functionality for windows and groups (from v2.26.0)
    • Frequently used windows and groups can be saved and restored at any time.
    • Right around the time this feature was released, Chrome officially launched a feature for saving groups.
  • Automatic grouping feature (from v2.28.0)
    • Automatically groups tabs based on their domain or subdomain.
    • Not to toot my own horn, but it’s quite convenient in use.
  • Available in the side panel (from v2.29.0)
    • Having the list of tabs available at all times is handy.
    • However, it can be difficult to use when the screen size is small as it reduces the page area.

Originally, the extension was started with the idea of being able to list tabs vertically, but now it covers various functions for managing tabs. Hence, I added All In One Tab Manager to the extension’s subtitle.

User Numbers

Until last year, the number of users was just under 30, but it started to grow around December, and now it has reached 260. The number continues to grow steadily, and I look forward to checking this number every day.

User Numbers


I want to continue improving the extension, but I have almost made all the features I wanted to. Since I use the extension myself, I plan to continue making improvements whenever I find something that needs tweaking or when I think of a new feature that could be useful.

If you’re interested, please give it a try.

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