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Frequently Used Shortcuts in Android Studio and VSCode

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Recently, I’ve been working with Rails, Go, and Flutter.

I use Android Studio for Flutter development and VSCode for everything else.

Sometimes, I forget how to use a shortcut in one IDE that I frequently use in the other, so I wanted to compile a list for myself (I like Android Studio, so switching to VSCode completely is not an option).

Frequently Used Shortcuts

Assuming the OS is Mac.

Android Studio VSCode
Focus on the explorer (tool window) Command + 1 Command + 0
Open the file focused on in the explorer (tool window) Enter Space
Focus on the editor Esc Command + 1
Jump to definition Command + B F12 (I have set it to Command + D)
Global search Command + Shift + F Command + Shift + F
File search Command + P Command + Shift + O
Navigate editor tabs Command + Shift + [, Command + Shift + ] Command + Option + ←, Command + Option + →
Quick fix Option + Enter Command + .
Duplicate current line or selection Command + D Shift + Option + ↓, Shift + Option + ↑
Move current line or selection Command + Shift + ↑, Command + Shift + ↓ Option + ↑, Option + ↓

I use Vim plugins in both IDEs for navigation, text manipulation, and screen splitting, so there might be fewer IDE-specific shortcuts here.

I also use iTerm2 for terminal input. It’s convenient to quickly focus and input using Hotkey. I’ve written about iTerm2 Hotkey in this article:


If you’re not using shortcuts, I highly recommend starting. I was initially resistant to learning shortcuts, but now I can’t do without them.

Not only will it improve your development efficiency, but it will also make coding more enjoyable. Give it a try!

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